Tacos & More

Fish Taco

8.40 ea

Tijuana style Grilled seasoned fish, creamy cabbage slaw, chipotle dressing & pineapple salsa in grilled corn tortilla. (GF) 

Street Taco

8.00 ea

Choose grilled lean steak, grilled chicken or carnitas pork. Spanish onions, cilantro, and red chilli salsa served on two grilled corn tortillas with melted cheese. (GF)  

Pulled Jackfruit Taco

8.00 ea

Slow cooked pulled BBQ Jackfruit and crunchy slaw with chipotle aioli and Cilantro. Served on a grilled corn tortilla.(V) (GF)

Taco Fiesta Platter (3 Tacos)


Choose any one of the above.